Hello, I'm Raff

I'm a 17 year old student living in the United Kingdom currently studying a diploma in Computing & Cyber Security. I also many other intrests, mainly involving creative areas such as graphic design and video editing.

Some Work

Directory Buster

An application written in Python used to 'scan' for web directories an a webside using a wordlist.

Social Scanner

A web application created to check if usernames are available on multiple different websites/services written in node.js.

Progress Visualiser

A web application created to show the percentage progress of the current year, month, week, day & hour based of the visitors local time written in node.js.


JERRY Bot is a Discord bot created for the community Discord server of the Roblox game JERRY.


A Discord.py extension that allows you to interact with a minecraft server through Discord.

Nexus Bot

Contributed to the development of Nexus Bot. A Discord bot written in Discord.py using the RedBot framework.

Want to get in touch? Contact me here, Or via one of my social media links above!