Hello 👋, I'm Rafferty

I am a British student currently studying a diploma in Computing & Cyber Security. I also have many other intrests, mainly involving creative areas such as graphic design and video editing.


Directory Buster

An application written in Python used to 'scan' for web directories an a website using a wordlist.

Social Scanner

A web application created to check if usernames are available on multiple different websites/services written in node.js.

Progress Visualiser

A web application created to show the percentage progress of the current year, month, week, day & hour based of the visitors local time written in node.js.


A Discord.py extension that allows you to interact with a minecraft server through Discord.

Nexus Bot

Contributed to the development of Nexus Bot. A Discord bot written in Discord.py using the RedBot framework.

Want to get in touch? Contact me here, Or via one of my social media links below!