Hello 👋 , I'm Rafferty

I'm an 18-year-old undergraduate student from the United Kingdom, currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Cyber Security. After developing a passion for computing at a young age, I now have a strong interest in a variety of computing fields including software engineering, computer hardware, networking, and security.

Skills & Interests

I have dedicated a lot of my free time to learning and expanding my knowledge in many areas of computing, from completing Cyber Security challenges and researching interesting topics, to working on personal projects.


Experienced programming in a variety of languages including Python, JavaScript, Java and C++.

System Management

Management of both Windows and Linux based systems. Deployment of my projects on a Linux VPS using Docker.

Web Development

Experienced in developing for the web using a number of technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


I have applied my gained skills and knowledge to both my academic studies and some personal projects. A few of which have been made public and are listed below as well as on my GitHub profile.